No Adderall es no bueno

And that concludes the extent of Spanish I know. My two favorite bloggers and best friends are frustrated with my lack of blogging. I want to do it. I think about doing it. I even sit down to do it. But then I get distracted by email, Facebook, work site, etc. I admire steffany813 and Necessary Indulgences for being dedicated to their blogs and readers. I can be, too. I just can’t do it without Adderall. I told Hubby the other day I have to get back on it and stay on it. I’m a better wife, mother, friend, I keep the house cleaner, don’t lose my kids as often (kidding), I exercise more, etc.

I write many of my blog posts in a notebook then transfer them onto my blog. I’m sitting at my desk this morning, the house is quiet, everyone’s sleeping and ideas are pouring out of my head. I have two posts finished, one started and titles for three more. I could sit here for hours writing. And that is precisely my problem. I have so many things that need to get done that it’s too overwhelming for my ADD brain so I’ll find one thing to focus on and do it for hours (see KOC post).

I’ll amaze myself if any of these posts actually make it onto the computer. This is my problem with exercising, too. When I’m on Adderall I do it more often- instead of once a month like now.  The alarm has gone off, I’ve popped in my new dosage and we’ll see what happens!


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