Back to Adderall

I’ve come to the conclusion that taking Adderall is a must for the rest of my life- or until I develop Alzheimer’s and won’t remember to care anymore.

I tried calling in to get my Rx but since I hadn’t hung out with my doctor in 10 months they insisted we make a date. So there I sat listening to my amazing doctor sniffle while his tummy rumbled telling him how bad things had gotten not being in Adderall and how my memory issues had worsened. Unfortunately he pointed out very clearly that my memory issues were not related to ADD. He said, “Neurologist” I said, “Next.” We did decide to try upping my dose. He suggested taking two in the morning and one in the afternoon. I told him I might be better off taking one in the morning and two in the afternoon since all four kids are home, dinner has to be made/cleaned up, baths, and homework all have to be done. Mornings are very quiet with only the four year old at home.

Not only did I have to sign for my Rx, I also had to sign a separate form letting me know of their new policy “…due to the possible risk of addiction, drug interactions, and side effects these medications require careful monitoring by your physician…..must make an appointment every three months so your physician can closely monitor your health and safety….” Why do I take this stuff again?

Oh yeah! Because my life is a mess! Which doc confirmed yesterday as well. He let me know he doesn’t normally prescribe Adderall in adults. If he has an ADD patient with a job that requires lots of projects, details, deadlines, etc he’ll hook him up so he doesn’t get fired. But if he has an ADD patient with a more simple job he tells him to just deal. My life with four kids, trying to get fit, work, baseball, dance lessons, being a maid to 5 is apparently complicated enough to warrant being on Adderall.  My house is cleaner and I work out way more often when on it which doc thought was great!  🙂

Note to SAHM’s who Google ADD and memorize the symptoms in hopes of pulling one over on a doctor so you can get a quick high or appetite suppressant- don’t go to mine. He won’t buy it. Kinda makes me feel honored I’m on his list of amphetamine users!

Haha, as I’m finishing this post my alarm is going off to take my Adderall- only problem is I forgot to pick it up yesterday.

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One thought on “Back to Adderall

  1. Thank goodness you found something that helps right? I’m afraid I am most addicted to something…caffeine. If I don’t have two cups first thing, I’m a mess!

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