I’m a fly on the wall at my funeral. What are people saying?

Not that I want people to talk bad about me but I really don’t want people to stand there and make me sound like a saint. I hear this at funerals I go to and see on TV. You can’t tell me all those people never did anything wrong!

So what would they say about me? Here’s what I hope for….
Kate was a great mom, most of the time. She loved her kids with all of her heart but used a lot of sarcasm and joked around with them a lot. How many times did she call them dorks? She was a pretty good wife, too. There were times she tested Hubby’s patience, did things to tick him off and wasn’t the world’s best housekeeper or cook but she tried and that’s what counts.

What we remember most about Kate was her passion for, well, everything. She was passionate about many different causes, the site she worked for, her friends, family and of course working out. She had not one blog but two centered around weight loss, eating healthy (bahaha) and exercising. She helped strangers around the world as well as close friends lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Oh, and we can’t forget about her ADD. At times it consumed her but where many people would drop to the ground and cry, Kate stood up proudly and laughed. It’s not easy to deal with forgetting you put your kids in time out, sitting down to write blog post only to wind up on Facebook- for several hours, getting sidetracked during conversations “Oh look! A butterfly!” and all the other difficulties she had to deal with.  Heaven better watch out, it’ll never be the same now that she’s there- at least we hope that’s where she is!

We will now play the song she always said described her best- Meredith Brooks “B!tch”


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