OMG! I’m a size 8!

I realize that a lot of women would be jumping up and down if they discovered they were a size 8.  Not for this petite mesquite!  I’m comfortable at a size 5 but hoping to get to my size 3 eventually.

Never in my life have I been a size 8 (you can stop throwing tomatoes at the screen, we’ve been over this).  I discovered that I was a size 8 while shopping at TJ Maxx recently.  I wanted some shorts that fit- which meant they were long enough to cover my fat thighs but short enough not to look like I was trying to hide my fat thighs.  They’re actually really nice shorts- black with a cute belt that never stays tight and they have to be ironed, but they’re casual dressy.

My oldest daughter tried to tell me that I was not a size 8 but I proved her wrong when I got home, put them on, buttoned them and they didn’t fall off.  It was really depressing realizing that my usual petite thin self had gotten that big.  But, we’re going to change that.  It’s hard work and I’ll have a lot of set backs but I’ll do it.


One thought on “OMG! I’m a size 8!

  1. Don’t trust all store brands… Old navy some of their pants I’m a 12, and some I’m a 14 still…and target, some tops I’m a medium..and some large…and then there’s their whole XXX tankini swim suits that WOULDN’T FIT >.<

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