Listen to your clothes

This was my advice to a friend last night who is frustrated because her scale isn’t cooperating. Since she works out with weights along with her cardio I reminded her that muscle weighs more than fat which is why I measure and weigh.

She said her clothes are starting to get loose which is what prompted me to text back “Listen to your clothes.”  Then I sent the same text to me to remind myself to do a post on it.   There’s that ADD thing again!

I don’t even use my scale anymore except to weigh the kids who use it to weigh the cats. I have three measuring tapes which have become my best friends. Why three? My younger two kids stretched the first one out so I bought a new one and hid it from them. When I bought the Brazil Butt Lift it came with one…and a pencil for the “pencil test” but that’s another post.

Yes, I’m rambling but the bottom line is to listen to your clothes. If they are fitting more loosely then you are shedding fat even if your scale doesn’t show it. 🙂


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