Life goes on…with Adderall

Blotchy memory, wandering thoughts, making lists of lists- this is a small glimpse into my life with Adult ADD. I’ve been off and on Adderall for three years. Sometimes we’re on a tight budget (self pay! self pay!). Sometimes I forget to call it in. Sometimes I forget to pick it up. Many times I forget to take it.

This time I’m determined to stick with it. I have two alarms on my cell phone to remind me to take Adderall twice a day. My doctor recommended 8 am and 12 pm. I take it at 9:30 am and 3:30 pm because I’m not a morning person and a night owl.

So yesterday I drove around for twenty minutes trying to find my doctor’s office. In my defense they moved five months ago and I’ve only been there three times since. Also, I left my GPS at home which stunk because it’s saved in my addresses.

After finally finding it I showed my ID, signed the photocopy, and carefully took it to the closest CVS. Adderall is an amphetamine and is sold in clubs and on college campuses across the United States. Because of this I only get one every month and only I can pick it up. The pharmacy has to write my driver’s license number on their form.

All of this is worth it because once I start taking it regularly for at least a week I notice a big difference in myself. My memory is still unreliable but not as much. I’m more focused and able to get things done.

I feel better when I take Adderall regularly. There are times that I feel like a bad wife and mom when I can’t focus, can’t remember to sign papers, can’t remember to send things in for projects, can’t remember to get my son a glass of chocolate milk.

Here’s a small example of what I mean: Last night I started my bath. I was almost finished with the book I was currently reading and I’d left my towel in the kitchen. I walked right past my books, past my towel and spotted my Adderall still in the bag. I took one then headed back to the tub. Half way there I remembered my book so I turned around and grabbed one. Half way back I remembered my towel and turned around to get it. Twenty minutes later I was relaxing in the tub glad to have Adderall in the cabinet again so these moments will be reduced.

Wow! Day 1 of Adderall.

Post Adderall


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