Mother’s Day lesson- Wii Fit Plus is not perfect

Mother’s Day is my day to not exercise, do whatever I want and order Red Lobster for dinner. We get takeout because lugging a family of six out to a restaurant on Mother’s Day is beyond stressful.  My best present this year was turning on my newly restored Wii Fit Plus* and seeing that I’d lost two pounds!

Not wanting to ruin it too badly I opted for a Sexy Smoothie for breakfast. The plan was to have one for lunch too but Hubby ruined that by ordering Alice Spring’s Chicken Quesadillas from Outback- best I’ve ever had (must be the bacon). Dinner was Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Scampi, Crab Stuffed Shrimp, Clam Chowder and of course a cheesy biscuit. YUM! My facebook friends were jealous.

The next morning I hopped on the Wii Fit Plus with one eye squinting at the screen…..+ 7.3 pounds. Ummmm, in one day? Before I panicked I sent out an emergency text to four of my friends. Kristi text back she didn’t think it was possible. This prompted me to try a do-over. Whew! It was only a 2.1 pound gain.

I learned two lessons: 1. Exercising on days off is a must (which completely negates the term “days off”) and 2. Wii Fit Plus is not perfect. Erica’s response to that revelation was “It’s a game console.” Well, I still expected it to be perfect.

*My kids scratched the Wii Fit Plus game so badly it no longer worked.  I took it down to Play n Trade and for $3 (2 for $5) they made it like new and saved me a boatload of money.  Thank you Play n Trade!


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