Goal- to lead a healthier lifestyle

I want to get fit and healthy!  I’m a 36 year old stay-at-home mom with four kids. After having the last one at 33 I was faced with a struggle to lose weight for the first time in my life. I have watched my weight yo-yo for the last 4 years and I am tired of it.

I’m not fat, I’m not obese, but I am (in my opinion) twenty pounds overweight. My clothes don’t fit, my knees groan, I feel unhealthy, and I don’t want my husband to see me naked. I have friends who need to lose 50-100 pounds and they get very annoyed when I talk about wanting to lose twenty. Well, they don’t have to live in my body which I am currently uncomfortable with. I want to be happy and for me that’s getting back into the shape I used to be in.

My goal is to eat better, incorporate exercise into my busy days, and feel healthy again. I want to ditch throwing my hair in a pony tail and changing from pajamas to old jeans and a baggy t-shirt to pick my kids up from school or go to the grocery store.

I want to wear tank tops and show off toned arms.

I want to wear shorts and have toned legs.

I want to button my jeans and not have a muffin top.

I want to wear a bathing suit and not feel self conscious.

But most of all I want to feel healthy.

I need to make some changes that I know won’t be easy but with the support of my friends and family I’m determined to become a Real Fit Mom.


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